TUESDAY 9-4-18

1.     The country celebrated labor day yesterday (Monday) and today begins a short work week. Kids are back in school, summer is over, and many workers won't have a day off until Thanksgiving. Is this the toughest holiday to see end?


2.     If you were in Cleveland over the weekend, you heard the roar of the Blue Angels flying overhead. Do you ever lose your awe for the power and majesty of these elite navy fighter jets?


3.     Indians have traded for 2015 MVP Josh Donaldson and, according to interviews, the Indians plan on playing him at third base when he's healthy. That means moving All-Star Jose Ramirez to second base and Jason Kipnis to either the outfield or the bench. Donaldson has played 36 games this year and hit .234 with five homers. Despite his success from 2013 to 2017 (including three All-Star Games and an average of 33 homers), is it the right move to change three positions on a first place team in September to get his bat in the order?

4.     The Brown have searched for a quarterback since their re-inception in 1999 but they've let many go. Eight former Browns quarterbacks are now backing up NFL starters, including DeShone Kizer in Green Bay, Cody Kessler in Jacksonville, Colt McCoy in Jacksonville, Josh McCown in New York, Brian Hoyer in New England, Brandon Weeden in Houston, Brock Osweiler in Miami, and Robert Griffin III in Baltimore. Is there any of these quarterback you'd like to have back and is this an example of former regimes giving up too soon on talent?


5.     A Republican official in western Pennsylvania has posted a criticism of kneeling NFL players, calling them "baboons" three times in one of her rants. "Let's see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries." Carla Maloney has resigned from her position in Beaver County as a result of her posts. Is this one isolated person or has race boiled over in recent years and does it seem people are feel more free to express these sorts of opinions?


6.   Two gay women in Malaysia received a public caning in the Muslim-majority Southeast Asian nation over  weekend, a judge saying this is the first time this punishment has been witnessed by the public. The women were lashed six times each with about 100 people watching after they were caught attempting to have sex in a parked car. LGBT rights activists say they fear this is the religious right flexing their muscles in that country and showing a zero tolerance policy toward the LGBT community. Is this a signal that there is less tolerance throughout the world for people who are different and does this have any effect on the United States?


7.     Tag, Dodgeball, Duck-Duck-Goose, and Red Rover might be removed from schools in Alabama. A “guidance document” from the Alabama State Department of Education is recommending those game be removed from schools because they lack “physical stimulation” and have a “high chance of embarrassment for students.” Is this another example of American getting too soft?


8.     Facebook is the most likely social platform to ruin your chances at a job. HR Managers says Facebook is the most incriminating social media platform. A poll by HR solutions firm Paychex found 85% of managers check Facebook when vetting potential employees while only 66% check LinkedIn and 40% for Twitter and Instagram. Should you be judge for a job by your social media posts, particularly on Facebook?


9.     The list of richest sports owners is out. Native Clevelander Charles Dolan (and brother of Indians owner Larry Dolan) is number ten. He owns the Knicks and New York Rangers.  Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is number seven. Microsoft co-founder and Seahawks/Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen is number two at $26-billion and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, who owns the Clippers, is number one at more than $40-billion. Do you have any desire to own a professional sports team?


10.     A British city of Hackney has a nightclub for the elderly. The Posh Club puts the “disjointed hip in hipster.” The Raves kick off at two in the afternoon but the 120 partygoers still rock the house, throwing “granny panties” at an Elvis impersonator. Shouldn’t these people just get old gracefully and forget trying to stay young?

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