New Rail Cars For The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

(Peninsula) - Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (CVSR) marked a major accomplishment in its first-ever capital campaign with the acquisition of four historic Zephyr railcars. This addition to the fleet enables CVSR to provide new programming and experiences within Cuyahoga Valley National Park, including 360-degree views in two of the Vista Dome cars, and offer a new heritage rail experience that exemplifies cross-country travel during the 1940s-1960s.

CVSR’s ongoing capital campaign began in late 2016. Through the generous support of individuals, corporations and foundations CVSR’s vision to expand, enhance, and preserve its fleet will create new programs for visitors of all ages and backgrounds as they experience the beauty and wonder of Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s river valley, canal, and historic villages.

“The acquisition of the Zephyr railcars was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said President and CEO Joe Mazur. “We not only are preserving history, but giving hundreds of thousands of people the opportunity to have one more way to travel through and experience Cuyahoga Valley National Park.”

The four-car Zephyr trainset consists of two Vista Dome cars, a sleeper car and a baggage car. CVSR already owns the Silver Bronco, another Vista Dome observation car that was part of the original California Zephyr trainset. With this acquisition, CVSR becomes one of the nation’s few railroads in possession of four cars from the original California Zephyr fleet.

(Photo courtesy Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad)

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