South Euclid police investigate following 12-hour standoff

South Euclid - Two men are dead following a 12-hour standoff at a home in South Euclid, and police say it's related to the murder of a Beachwood podiatrist.

Police, including the SWAT team,  were trying to serve a search warrant on the home in the 4600 block of Elmwood Road near Green Friday evening around 7:00PM.

Officers say the occupants of the home opened fire, and that's when the standoff began.

Police used tear gas, flashbangs and a battering ram were used to try to flush the occupants out.

They even turned off gas and power to the home and the surrounding neighborhood.

Nearby homes were evacuated, and residents were notified of a community center where they could go while the standoff was taking place.

At around 6:30AM Saturday, neighbors heard a loud "bang" and moments later, officers were in the home and found the bodies of two white males.

South Euclid police told reporters during a morning press conference that evidence in the murder case was destroyed during the raid.

He said at this time the two men have not yet been identified, and he does not know how they died.

He said officers at the scene never were able to communicate with the occupants of the home during the standoff.

The South Euclid home was also owned by Dr. Richard Warn, who was found murdered at his Beachwood home.

Records show that he purchased the South Euclid home in 2011 for $40,000.00.

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