Instead Of A Gun, Bank Robber Had A Can Of Gasoline

(Willoughby) - Talk about an unusual bank holdup.  Willoughby Police say a man robbed the Fifth Third Bank branch on SOM Center Road on Monday afternoon.  What makes the robbery unusual is that the man was wearing a motorcycle helmet, and carrying a gas can. 

An employee of the bank asked the man several times to take off the helmet as he stood in the middle of the bank lobby. The male refused and walked up to the tellers and demanded all of the cash from the teller drawers. The suspect then threatened to douse the tellers and the bank in gasoline as he waved the gas can at them. 

The tellers gave the suspect an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspect ran out of the building with the money and the gas can. The man was seen running across SOM Center Road in the area of Halle Drive. None of the bank employees were injured during the incident. 

Willoughby Police officers arrived in the area, but were not able to locate the suspect. A witness in the area advised police that the man left the area in a white Lexus sedan. Several police units observed the suspect vehicle traveling at high rates of speeds westbound on Euclid Avenue into the City of Euclid. The suspect vehicle was able to flee from the area without being apprehended. 

Willoughby Police are looking to identify the male observed in the attached photos. If anyone has any information that would assist in the investigation, please contact Detectives Burrington and Bertone at 440-953-4210.

(Photo courtesy Willoughby Police)

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