Wind Turbine Farm Proposed For Lake Erie

By Paul Ellis - Getty

(Cleveland) – A major wind turbine project could be coming to Lake Erie.  The project is called “Icebreaker Wind,” and it would involve a series of wind turbines eight miles off the shore of Lakewood. 

Lorry Wagner heads up the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation.   He says they want to do here what’s been done in a number of places in Europe.  The turbines would be paid for with a mix of private, non-profit, and public funding.

David Strang leads an opposition group called “Save our Beautiful Lake.”

He says wildlife could be killed when they’re struck by the blades, that there could be health issues from an electromagnetic field.  He’s also concerned about the noise.  

Wagner says the project calls for six initial turbines, each standing 479 feet tall.  Strang says he’s worried that could go up to 1,400 feet.

According to Wagner, the hope is to show that this could be an $80 billion business.

(Photo by Paul Ellis/Getty Images)

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