Bay Village Police Blotter: Underage Drinking & Fake IDs

On 06/06/18 at 1:24am, Bay Village Police stopped a vehicle on Lake Road near Porter Creek after multiple moving violations. The operator, a 71-year-old Lakewood resident, appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The operator failed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest. Once on station, the male consented to take a breath test, which showed a .138 blood alcohol content. He is facing charges in Rocky River Municipal Court.

On 06/07/2018, at 11:46 am, a Bradley Road resident called BVPD to report he was the victim of a fraud. In May, the male noticed a fraudulent transaction in his online bank account. A purchase was made for over $500 via a crypto currency exchange website. The male stated he had not misplaced his card and has no idea who may be a suspect. The Bay Village Detective Bureau is investigating the matter. 

On 06/08/18 at 2:28am Bay Village Police stopped a vehicle on Lake Road near Pinewood Drive for an equipment violation. While speaking with the 20-year-old male operator and his 18-year-old female passenger, the arresting officer could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. A probable cause search of the vehicle was conducted. Drug paraphernalia and alcohol was found inside the vehicle. Officers also found that the pair each had fake identification in their possession. The duo were cited and are facing charges in Rocky River Municipal Court.

On 06/08/18 at 3:26am, Bay Village Police noticed a suspicious vehicle parked in the Huntington Beach parking lot. Officers looked inside the vehicle and noticed alcohol and marijuana in plain sight. Met Park Rangers were advised. Officers checked the area but could not find anyone. A short time later, five individuals approached the suspect vehicle but ran when they saw police. After an investigation, police discovered the group consisted of three 18-year-old males, an 18-year-old female and a 16-year-old female. The adults are facing charges in Rocky River Municipal Court and the 16 is facing charges in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. 

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