Governor Kasich Releases Plan To Strengthen State's Gun Laws

Columbus, Ohio (AP) - Republican Gov. John Kasich is advocating a "red flag" gun law for Ohio, a ban on armor-piercing ammunition and other consensus policy positions he says could fly nationally.

Recommendations Kasich released Thursday emerged from a politically diverse advisory panel he assembled after Las Vegas saw the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history in October. 

Kasich accelerated the group's work after February's school shooting in Florida."Red flag" laws enable family members, guardians or police to ask judges to temporarily strip gun rights from people who show warning signs of violence. 

Kasich also recommends stricter compliance deadlines and penalties around entering data into the national background check system; automatically prohibiting those under domestic violence protection orders from buying or possessing firearms; and clarifying Ohio's prohibition on third-party gun purchases.

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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