Cleveland praised for use of RNC convention funds

Mayor Frank Jackson at City Hall

(Cleveland) - Mayor Frank Jackson says an audit by the federal government praises how Cleveland administered the nearly $50 million grant provided by the Department of Justice, to finance security for the Republican National Convention. 

Jackson said, “While the positive results of the Department of Justice audit may be a surprise to some, it was no surprise to the City of Cleveland. We not only hosted one of the best and safest conventions, but successfully managed a $49 million grant."

Despite a minor problem involving the labeling of the purchase of some police vehicles for the event, Cleveland was praised for complying with the goals and objectives of the grant. 

The city gets to keep $12.5 million dollars in police, security, fire, and EMS vehicles and other equipment used during the RNC. 

Cleveland has received positive reviews nationally for its handling of the event. There were no major problems, incidents, injuries, or property damage.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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