Cleveland Clinic doctor delivers baby on airplane

(Cleveland) - Urologist Dr. Sij Hemul of the Cleveland Clinic was on an Air France flight from Paris to New York when a fellow passenger, Toyin Ogundipe went into labor 35-thousand feet over Greenland. 

Dr. Hemul and the staff moved the 41 year old banker to a more private area of the plane, and helped the young woman bring her new son into the world. 

Even though he's an urologist, Dr. Hemul says he did deliver several babies during medical school, but never on board a jetliner. 

Mother and baby boy Jake are said to be doing fine. 

Ogundipe, a mother of two, went into labor a week earlier than her due date.

The 27 year old Hemul is a second-year urology resident at Cleveland Clinic’s Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute.

(Photo by Getty Images) 

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