Hundreds Of American Flags Go Up Outside Hall Of Fame

(CANTON) - After another week of NFL national anthem protests, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is hoping to unify people today by displaying 800 American flags on its Canton campus.  

A news release from the Hall of Fame said the flags are meant to bring people together:

In a symbolic gesture, the Hall of Fame’s campus was decorated this morning with nearly 800 American flags, provided through the generous support of the local Jackson Township Rotary, as a sign of unity to bring all Americans together. The Hall of Fame and its important Mission to “Honor the Heroes of the Game, Preserve its History, Promote its Values and Celebrate Excellence EVERYWHERE” serves as the foundation to #HuddleUpAmerica. The Hall of Fame’s campaign that will carry through the NFL’s Centennial Celebration in 2020 and beyond, encourages an open dialog and honest discussion around the values learned from the Game such as commitment, integrity, courage, respect and excellence.

In an open letter to football fans, Pro Football Hall of Fame President & CEO David Baker shared the following:

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has, for some time, been developing a campaign called #HuddleUpAmerica to unite people and work through issues that are important to our families, communities and country. To stand for our flag. To stand for “free speech.” To “hear” and help those crying out. To honor those who fought for our flag AND our freedoms. To teach our children love and respect for each other. We are all one team. We are, together, Team America.

Rather than divide, we can unite. Instead of tearing people down, we will build them up. Instead of spreading fear, anger and hate; we can, and will, inspire hope, trust and love.

The Hall of Fame and our Hall of Famers promote the many values learned from the Game like commitment, integrity, courage, respect and excellence. These values not only make someone a great football player but are also the same values that make someone a great businessperson, or, a great cellist in the symphony, first responder or soldier, or a great parent. These are values and virtues that yield a great community, and, ultimately, a great country.

Together, we can make our neighborhoods safer. We can help law enforcement get closer to the communities they serve. We can support our troops and veterans. We can honor our elderly. We can heal those victimized by social injustice. We can educate our children. We can do anything when we #HuddleUpAmerica.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame and our Hall of Famers look forward to making a difference in the lives of others and invite everyone to #HuddleUpAmerica and live a “Hall of Fame Life.”

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