Police Responding To Overdose Find Child Living In Unlivable Conditions

Niles Drug House

(Niles) - Yet another case of a child being the unwitting victim of a parent's drug abuse.

Police in Niles, in Trumbull County, were called out Sunday to a report of a drug overdose by a woman.  In that house, police found conditions they described as "horrible," and a nine-year-old child was living in those conditions.

When Niles police arrived at the house, and were trying to deal with the overdosing woman, they found out about the child, who at the time, was asleep.  To get to the sleeping child, police say they had to go past animal waste and garbage, alogn with furniture and clothing piled up.

Police Capt. John Marshall told WKBN-TV, “It was almost impossible to walk through the house because there was so much furniture, garbage and clothing piled up everywhere in the house. It was almost impossible to try to walk to try to get access to where the nine-year-old was asleep.”

The child has put in the custody of other family members.  The mother, India Thornhill, 32, survived.

(Photo courtesy WKBN-TV)

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