Bresha Meadows, 15, May Be Released After Killing Father

(WARREN) - A fifteen year old Warren, Ohio girl could be set free from juvenile lock-up less than a year after police say she killed her 41 year old father while he slept.  The girl has claimed that she was abused, but the details of that claim have not been reveled.  WTAM spoke with the Trumbull County prosecutor, who said he can not confirm whether there is any evidence of abuse because his office's policy does not allow him to comment on juvenile cases outside of trial.  Prosecutor Stanley Elkins said he is in negotiations with the defense on a plea deal, and has spoken to the family of the victim.

The victim's family, however, said the national and international activists that have seized on the case, and demanded her release because of those abuse accusations, don't know the whole story.  

Bresha Meadows claims she shot her father dead after suffering years of abuse from him.  Jonathon Meadows was gunned down July 28, 2016. 

Meadows has been in juvenile detention since the killing, and tens of thousands of people have signed petitions to have her released.  The case spawned international outcry, with activists seizing on the claims of abuse and creating an entire community dedicated to freeing Bresha, even using the hastag #FreeBresha. 

If a plea deal is approved by both sides and the judge, the girl could be  set free following a May 22 hearing.

In the full interview below Jonathon Meadows' sister, Lena Meadows Cooper, tells WTAM 1100 exclusively her brother never abused Bresha or anyone else in the family.  Bresha Meadows was charged with aggravated murder.  

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