Man Fights Police After Losing His Phone And Marijuana

(Willoughby) - A man is in trouble with police because he got belligerent when he couldn't find his cell phone and his marijuana.

Willoughby Police say 20-year-old Brandon Noble of Painesville made the fuss in an apartment on Lake Shore Boulevard.  People asked for Noble to be escorted off the property, but police say he threatened to harm the officers, and was yelling in front of his two small children.

After police left, they say Noble came back to the apartment - one that was not his - and attacked the apartment manager, who locked himself in his office.  Police say Noble acted like he was going to attack, but ran off.  He was eventually taken down by a Willoughby Police officer who used a taser.

Noble is charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing and resisting arrest, and is due in court on Thursday. 

(Photo Courtesy Willoughby Police)

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