Mobile Music: If you don't have a cruiser with a fairing full of speakers, you can still get audio on the go with Bluetooth helmet communications systems like the Sena SMH10. These kits allow you to put small speakers into your helmet to allow you to listen to music wirelessly from your smartphone. With the included microphone, you can talk to other riders within 1000 feet on a group ride that have a compatible headset. You can even take a call with the handsfree features of the unit. For more about Sena Bluetooth headsets, visit

Know Where to Go: Those car GPS units don't work as well on a motorcycle, where they're exposed to the elements, and thick motorcycle gloves make screen selections difficult, if not impossible. There are motorcycle-specific GPS units from Garmin, Tom Tom and others that are waterproof and have screens designed to work with gloves. Many can also send audio directions to that bluetooth helmet kit. Of course, if you have your smartphone with you, those helmet kits also work with most mapping apps, like Google Maps, and allow you to use voice controls for Google Now on Android or Siri on the iPhone. Visit  or  for more information about motorcycle GPS unit .

Keeping Safe on the Road: One of the fears you may have on a grand road trips is getting into an accident where no one is around to help. The EatSleepRIDE app looks to help with it's "CrashLight" feature. This is a sophisticated technology that detects a motorcycle crash and notifies selected contacts with emergency information and geo-location via voice, SMS text messaging and email. For more information, visit


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