So much to unpack here. Let's start with Benjamin Freed from The Washingtonian.

“My daughter tells me a few Redskins cheerleaders were brought in to read poetry for Read Across America day, then they handed out flyers of the cheerleading team in bikinis,” one parent wrote. “The boys seemed interested in the flyers (understatement?); my daughter says she and her friends liked the poetry but found the flyers mildly disturbing.”

Other parents reported that some of the boys started ranking the cheerleaders by “hotness” and asked them “humiliating” questions about their relationships with players.

Gee, who could've predicted this? So, here's the real problem. Apparently, these photos were passed out BEFORE the event and Q and A session with the cheerleaders, that devolved in to asking inappropriate questions about relationships with players. The lesson here: Wait until the cheerleaders are out of the building before stimulating 12-year-old boys. But, this is par for the course for the Washington Redskins organization.