Who doesn’t enjoy a good beer? Yes, you probably already have your favorite. And quite honestly, beer may not even be my favorite drink. I love wine or even whiskey. But with Great Lakes Christmas Ale coming out today throughout Northeast Ohio, I figured this would be a good time to rank my “Top Ten Favorite Beers” of all-time.

You should give them a try! If you’re that stubborn and you don’t want to…well, I don’t know what to tell you, go drink another kind of brew then.


1. Orval Trappist Ale – a Belgian Pale Ale style beer that comes with an awesome glass at some establishments. My favorite. Strong, smooth and you’ll want another one for sure.

2. Ayinger Brau Weisse – a smooth, strong Hefeweizen style beer from the German brewery located in Aying, Bavaria right near Munich. Easy to drink, great with food.

3. Commodore Perry IPA – An India Pale Ale named in honor of American Naval Officer Oliver Hazard Perry. This beer is very strong, but great with dinner.

4. Sweaty Betty – This is Wheat Ale beer made by Boulder Beer Company right in Colorado. Yes, the name is a little goofy, but this Bavarian-style Hefeweizen brew is smooth, tasteful and great with a small plate or appetizer.

5. Great Lakes Christmas Ale – Everybody knows what this tastes like! A very strong, bold beer that only comes out seasonally. Want to change it up a little bit? Put some brown sugar around the rim of the glass, it creates a pretty cool taste. Beer careful drinking too many of these!

6. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – Started having this during the summer. Strong beer, but smooth. This is an American Pale Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California. Good with a cigar.

7. Red Stripe – Yes, this probably doesn’t fit in with the rest of these beers, but if I’m at a bar that doesn’t have my Top 6 (which is definitely possible), this Jamaican pale lager is easy to drink while out with friends or while eating a goo meal. The bottle is cool-looking too!

8. Peroni Nastro Azzurro – No, I don’t just like this because it’s Italian. Well, maybe! Still, a very good Euro Pale Lager style beer. Fine for dinner or casual drinking. Might taste a little better in Little Italy.

9. Labatt – Canadian’s know their beer and this is the world’s best selling Canadian beer. Great taste, easy to drink and during the summer I even enjoy Labatt Lime. This is an American Adjunct Lager style beer.

10. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy – Great for the summer. Only need one or two though to enjoy it. Had a few after cutting the grass, tastes almost like a lemonade. Girls love it!

- Nick Camino