1.      The majority of schools in Greater Cleveland had a snow day on Tuesday, but Fairview Park City Schools was one district that still had classes Tuesday.  Superintendent Dr. Bill Wagner says it all comes down to a lot of factors when he makes the decision as whether or not to declare a snow day. Every time the weather’s bad, Wagner says he consults with other superintendents, drives city streets, and checks out sidewalks.  Wagner also goes to weatherunderground.com, where he can get localized, constantly changing weather information.  Should schools have been open or closed on Tuesday?

 2.       Did the media over-hype the weather over the last two days?

 3.       The golden years are now for Tristan Thompson as his girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, threw a golden 26th birthday party for the Cavaliers center.  She had his kitchen and living room decorated with gold balloons and gold streamers, she had golden Kit Kat candy bars and even a golden colored cake in the symbol of the Larry O’Brien championship trophy.  Did Thompson hit a gold mine with Khloe Kardashian?

 4.       Nicholas Hall of North Ridgeville has been arrested on charges of child endangering, drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance after his five year-old child was hospitalized after eating marijuana laced candy.  If convicted, what would be a just penalty for the 34-year-old father?

 5.      A State Panel in Ohio is looking to overhaul the bail system. The Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission wants to do away with the financial based bail system and move to a system that determines who is released based on the likelihood of that person committing new crimes or skipping their court date. They cite a major problem with the current system being that the those with the most money, notwithstanding their danger to the community, can buy their way out of jail while the poorest defendants remain in jail pending their trial. Do you agree with the Commission on this issue?

 6.      The cap on doctors working 16 consecutive hour shifts will be lifted starting on July 1st and first-year doctors will be allowed to work 24 hours straight. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education says the change will enhance patient safety because there will be fewer handoffs from doctor to doctor.  Will it enhance patient safety?  Is it a good idea for doctors to work 24 consecutive hours?

 7.   Breitbart News released the audio clip you just heard in which Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke on a private conference call with House Republican members. The Speaker’s comments to those House members were reportedly made in 2016 in response to President Trump’s scandalous comments made to Billy Bush on the set of Access Hollywood. What do you think of this clip coming to light now?

  8.      The State Department has issued a warning to all spring breakers who want to travel to Mexico this year. “U.S. citizens have been the victims of violent crimes, including homicide, kidnapping, carjacking and robbery in various Mexican States”. Mexican areas included in the warning report include Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco and Nayarit. Would you travel to Mexico for spring break?

 9.      The Reputation Institution has released their annual survey listing the top companies based on their worldwide reputation.  The top ten companies with the best reputations are:  Rolex, the Lego Group, the Walt Disney Company, Canon, Google, Bosch, Sony, Intel, Rolls-Royce and Adidas.  Do you agree with the top ten? Are there any other companies that deserve to be on the list?

 10.   The American Health Care Act will have severe implications for Medicaid in the state of Ohio according to Gov. Kasich and the Center for Community Solutions.  They say by 2025, $19 billion would be slashed from the program’s funding.  Kasich said, “It’s unrealistic to think that cutting coverage saves any money, since we will only see uninsured people returning to the emergency room for their care and walking away from unpaid bills.” Is the American Health Care Act bad for Ohio?