1.   That was Whoopi Goldberg from the TV show “The View” talking about the two game suspension Ravens running back Ray Rice received from the NFL for knocking out his then girlfriend, now wife in a hotel elevator.   Is Whoopi right or wrong?


2.  Corry Baron was laid to rest yesterday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Fremont.   It’s believed the 22-year-old Barron fell five stories down a garbage shoot at Progressive Field at the Jason Aldean concert but his official cause of death is still not known.   Do you think we’ll find out what happened?


3.  A new study in the American Journal of Infection Control found that fist bumps transferred about 90% less bacteria than handshakes.  Biologist Dave Whitworth who co-authored the study says “if the general public could be encouraged to fist bump, there is a general potential to reduce the spread of infectious diseases”.   Do you shake hands or fist pump?   Do you think fist pumps will ever be more mainstream than a good old fashioned firm handshake?


4.  Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced she’s creating “The Sarah Palin Channel”.   The site will feature political commentary, interviews, user-contributed content and updates from the Palin household.    The web portal home page features a national debt ticker and a countdown clock to the end of President Obama’s term.    Do you think Palin still has a future in national politics?    Link:  https://sarahpalinchannel.com/


5. Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland tried living on the minimum wage for a week and he ran out of baloney.   Strickland, who currently works as President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund allotted himself $77 for food, transportation and other basics; the amount left over after paying for housing and taxes and he ran out of cash.   Do you think there will be enough support to raise the federal minimum wage of $7.25?  What should be the minimum wage?


6.  Another week has gone by and still no word on where the body of Casey Kasem is six weeks after his death.   Kasem’s children are 90 percent sure there father’s body is at a funeral home in Montreal and in another bizarre twist, they think Casey’s widow Jean could have a boyfriend who lives in Montreal which could be the reason he was allegedly taken there.   No word on whether Kasem is on ice or whether he’s been cremated.  What death is more bizarre?   Former baseball great Ted Williams or Casey Kasem?


7. Russia has now amassed about 15,000 troops along the border with Ukraine according to NATO.   U.S. intelligence also indicates Russia plans to soon provide heavier and more sophisticated weaponry to pro-Russian separatists and the transfer was imminent.   Where do you see the conflict heading between Ukraine and Russia and do you think NATO or the U.S. will get involved?


8.  The movie trailer for “Fifty Shades of Grey” was released as the popular romance trilogy by E L James comes to the big screen next Valentine’s Day.    The trailer shows the first glimpse of the red room where bondage and kinky sex took place in the novel.   Do you think more people got into bondage and whips because of “Fifty Shades of Grey”?


9.   Paris Hilton is back in a new Hardee’s commercial promoting their new Texas BBQ Thickburger made with brisket.  In the commercial, she’s wearing a black bikini as another scantily clad woman in black bikini washes a Bentley similar to the commercial Hilton made nine years ago.   Does sex sell?   Would you go out and buy a Hardee’s burger because of Paris Hilton?   


10.  U.S. teenagers use of human growth hormones more than double between 2012 and 2013.   A new poll by Drug-Free Kids says 11% of 3,705 teenagers in grades 9 to 12 polled said they had used HGH at least once, up from 5% in 2012.   HGH use was higher among Blacks at 15% and Hispanics at 13% with Whites at 9%.   The head of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids says “young people are seeking out and using performance enhancing drugs hoping to improve their athletic performance or body appearance”.   Does it surprise you that so many teenagers are using human growth hormones?


11. There is always something to do in Cleveland during the summer and early fall including Greek Festivals, Rib Cook-Offs, the Feast of the Assumption, Arts Festivals and Oktoberfests.   What is your favorite Cleveland event?


12. The Huffington Post ranks the list of board games that most of you grew up with.    Some of games on the list include Hungry Hippos, Trouble, Chutes and Ladders, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Candyland, Scrabble, Monopoly, Battleship, Sorry, Life and Guess Who.   What was your favorite childhood board game?


13. Congresswoman Marcia Fudge has introduced legislation aimed at increasing community treatment options for heroin and other substance abuse.   Do you think putting money into treatment centers would be more effective than incarceration?


14. The chair of the American Academy of Otolaryngology says ear wax is good thing.   Dr. Douglas Backous says the purpose of earwax really is to keep your ear canal clean.  Not only does earwax help keep dust and dirt away from the eardrum, it also provides some antibacterial and lubricating perks.    Did your mom or grandmother ever tell you not to put anything in your ear that’s smaller than your elbow?    Do you use cotton swabs to clean your ears?   What do you think about the doctor’s comments about earwax?


15. Do you have a fat cat or a fat dog?   Pet liposuction is here.   A pet clinic in North Ridgeville says it’s a new way to treat benign fatty masses on older and overweight animals especially dogs.   During one procedure they removed almost three and a half liters of fat out.    Would you consider liposuction for your pet if it was too fat?