1. Pilot Flying J employees plead guilty to rebate scheme; attorneys insist Haslam didn’t know. Do you buy it?

2.Jason Giambi came up huge for the Tribe last night. Can Francona rely on the veteran slugger to produce all season, or will his age catch up with him?

3. Ten members of Congress want the Redskins to change their name. They say “Redskins” is akin to the “N-word”. Do you agree?

4. Jim Brown is back with the Browns as "special advisor". What do you think of his new job?

5. Trevor Bauer wrote and recorded a rap song about the Indians. Dig it? Hate it? Confused by it?

6. Protestors in Akron trying to save a massive Ash tree, while city planners need it cut down to build new building. Save it or cut it down?

7. NYC health dept website for teens offers new app that shows teens where to find birth control and abortions in NYC. Should govt. agency be doing this?

8. High 80’s and high humidity the next couple days. Summer is here….do you like the hot weather?

9. Facebook admitted it can’t remove hate speech well. Should they even try? If someone wants to use hateful language, shouldn’t they be allowed?

10. Larry King going to host a Russian TV show. What do you think? Would YOU work for the Russians?

11. Teen in Japan steals Dad’s credit card, runs up $54,000 bar tab. Judge says bar owns much of the blame. Should Dad have to pay the full tab?