Here are today's Trending Topics, to be discussed and debated by Mike Trivisonno and Bob Frantz on 'The Spew'!

1. Kevin Ware: Worst sports injury ever?

2. Obama gets earful of hate at Easter mass; denounce it?

3. Buckeyes fall short, Michigan makes Final Four--who wins it now?

4. Jimmy Dimora's appeal: Does he have a chance?

5. Shooting in Ashtabula: Psychiatric background before owning guns?

6. MLB  Prediction time: AL and NL champs will be _____ ?

7. Ohio BMV giving licenses to illegal immigrants

8. Kobe passes Wilt: Where is Kobe on all-time greatest list?

9. FBI says UFO file is most read federal file online. Do you believe?

10. Bedford drunk driver kills pregrnant mom, 2 girls. Sentence?

11. Rolling Bones on tour: How much is too much $$?

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