1. President Obama heckled during speech yesterday. How did he handle it, and should heckler have been removed sooner?

2. Francona returns to Boston to ovation. Where does he rank among the 30 active managers today?

3. Memorial Day weekend…unofficial start of summer. What’s your favorite summer vacation memory?

4. Obama says he still wants to close Gitmo. Former Def. Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told Wills it’s a necessary facility. Should it be closed?

5. Boy Scouts of America will now welcome openly gay scouts, but not gay adults as leaders. Right call?

6. China’s space program is expanding at rapid pace, while ours is shrinking. Concerned?

7. 18-year-old FL girl faces criminal charges for relationship with 15-yr-old girl. Are charges justified?

8. Transgender MMA fighter fights women…real women don’t like it. Should he/she be permitted?

9. Jennifer Aniston stars as stripper in new movie. Will you see this movie to see her naked? What star WOULD you go to the movies just to see stripping?

10. Jody Arias jury can’t reach decision on life in prison or death penalty. Should she live or die?

11. Lindsay Lohan refuses to be roasted by Comedy Central. Would YOU do it? Live on air?



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