Here are today's Trending Topics, to be discussed and debated by Mike Trivisonno and Bob Frantz on 'The Spew'!

Plain Dealer delivering 3 days per week. Is newspaper industry dead? Dying?

Tribe's Myers shelled last night; Bauer to start Saturday. Expectations?

North Korea says missiles locked and loaded. How should Pentagon respond?

Trending in Cleveland: #LifeWithoutSports. How would YOUR life change if we didn't have sports?

Colorado legislature struggling to come up with way to measure how high drivers are. How do we police drivers using marijuana?

Cavs have lost 10 straight. Byron Scott grades himself with "C" or "incomplete". Agree? Should he return?

Bills WR says N. Korea should bomb New England...then apologizes. Did he do anything wrong, or was it good old fashioned trash talk?

Fast food workers across country walked off the job yesterday, protesting their low wages. How much is a fair wage for fast food jobs?

President to spend $100 million on "brain mapping". Should govt spend our $$ on research, or should that be left to private $$?

The cell phone just turned 40. It has changed lives. What would be the impact on society if they were all banned or destroyed?

ACLU of Ohio says poor people who don't pay court fines can't be jailed. Calls them debtors' prisons. Are they right?

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