1.      Police in St. Louis County, Missouri say a police officer shot and critically wounded a suspect early yesterday morning near Ferguson where a fatal weekend police shooting sparked two nights of violent protests.  In the latest incident officers responded to a report of four men wearing ski masks armed with shotguns as well as shots fired in the area.   When cops arrived they found more than two dozen suspects fleeing on foot and one suspect pulled a handgun on the police.   What the hell is going on in Missouri?  


2.      Have some of that!  Rookie Zack Walters acquired in the Asdrubral Cabera deal hit a walk home run to give the Indians a 3-2 walk off win in the first game of the doubleheader.    Was the home run the biggest hit of the Tribe season?



3.      The start to the college football season is right around the corner and Ohio State’s Braxton Miller is on the regional cover of Sports Illustrated’ s college football preview issue.   They also predict the Buckeyes will be the fourth team in the first ever College Football Playoff joining Florida State, Alabama and Oklahoma.   Do you think the NCAA finally got it right by having a four team playoff?   Do you think Braxton Miller can lead OSU to their first national championship since 2002?



4.      Yesterday was the first day of school for the Cleveland Public Schools.   Do you like the idea of classes starting as early as August 13th?  



5.      The St. Edward High School rowing team will attempt to row across Lake Erie!   The team will ferry to Ontario on Friday and attempt the 54.4 mile row back to Cleveland on Saturday or Sunday weather permitting.   The rowing excursion will raise money for autism research and a cancer fund.   Do you think they can make it?  What do you think about the them trying to row across the lake?



6.      Dodge has produced what it claims is the quickest and fastest sedan in the world; the 2015 Charger SRT Hellcat which can cover a quarter mile in 11 seconds flat and hit a top speed of 204 MPH!   The car is powered by the 707 horsepower, 6.2 liter supercharged engine.   Would you ever like to get behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger Hellcat?



7.      The Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy begins today.   What do you think of people plastering the Virgin Mary with dollar bills every year during the parade?



8.      New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that makes it illegal to sell elephant and mammoth ivory or rhino horns within the state with only a few exceptions such as antiques.    The new law was signed on World Elephant Day.   Conversation groups say in 1980 there were an estimated 1.2 million African elephants but now the population is down to less than 420,000.  Do you think more states including Ohio should ban the sale of ivory?   Will U.S. laws have any impact on saving elephants?



9.       There is always something to do in Cleveland during the summer and early fall including Greek Festivals, Rib Cook-Offs,  Arts Festivals, Oktoberfests and The Feast.   What is your favorite Cleveland event?



10.    The Yahoo News Twitter account was recently hacked and a tweet went out to 815,000 followers saying, “BREAKING: EBOLA OUTBREAK IN ATLANTA! Estimated 145 people infected so far since Doctors carrying the disease were flown in from Africa,” .The message was retweeted at least 736 times in the 10 minutes it was up before Yahoo News deleted it. Should Twitter hackers be prosecuted for sending out tweets like this on legitimate news accounts?



11.   The Huffington Post ranks the list of board games that most of you grew up with.    Some of games on the list include Hungry Hippos, Trouble, Chutes and Ladders, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Candyland, Scrabble, Monopoly, Battleship, Sorry, Life and Guess Who.   What was your favorite childhood board game?




12.   U.S. teenagers use of human growth hormones more than double between 2012 and 2013.   A new poll by Drug-Free Kids says 11% of 3,705 teenagers in grades 9 to 12 polled said they had used HGH at least once, up from 5% in 2012.   HGH use was higher among Blacks at 15% and Hispanics at 13% with Whites at 9%.   The head of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids says “young people are seeking out and using performance enhancing drugs hoping to improve their athletic performance or body appearance”.   Does it surprise you that so many teenagers are using human growth hormones?