1. The City of Cleveland has settled a federal lawsuit for an undisclosed amount of money with the families of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams who were killed after the 2012 police chase.   Terms of the settlement have not been released pending a judge’s approval in probate court.   What do you think a fair settlement is?    Where do you think the City of Cleveland will get the money from?   


2. Self-proclaimed Cavs "superfan" James Blair, who rushed the court to high five LeBron James last season wearing a "come home LeBron 2014" t-shirt, says that the Cavs are considering lifting his ban from the arena. Should the Cavs allow Blair to return or maintain his ban as an example to others?


3. Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch’s Twenty-First Century Fox says Time Warner has rejected an offer it made last month to combine the two media and entertainment giants.    Time Warner rejected a bid worth $80 billion or $85 in stock and cash for each Time Warner share which was a 25 percent premium at the time of the offer.    Shares of Time Warner jumped more than 15% or $10.81 a share to $81.82.    Considering the jump in stock price, is $85 bucks a share a good deal?     What do you think about the proposed mega deal?


4. Speaking of money, the Spanish soccer team Real Madrid has been named the most valuable sports team in the world for the 2nd year in a row; Forbes estimates the team is worth $3.4 billion.  Two other European soccer teams are next on the list; Barcelona is worth $3.2 billion and Manchester United is worth $2.8 billion.    The New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys round out the top 5.   Are you surprised that no U.S. sports teams rank in the top 3 in value?


5. Glenn Beck…who you can hear here at 10 a.m. has now raised more than $2 million and he  plans to haul food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls to the U.S.-Mexico border to give to the tens of thousands of undocumented children who are in the United States.  Beck says he’s getting violent e-mails from people who say he’s betrayed the Republic for offering assistance and adds “anyone, left or right, seeking political gain at the expense of these desperate, vulnerable, poor and suffering are reprehensible”.  What do you think of Beck helping the immigrant children?   Do you think the criticism is justified?


6. Slyman’s is expanding into the burbs.    The famous Cleveland sandwich shop famous for their corned beef at East 31st and St. Clair will open up a new location with restaurateur George Fox in Independence on Rockside Road this fall.    Where can you  get the best corned beef in Cleveland?  Is Slyman’s the best?


7. Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig spoke to reporters in Minnesota before the All-Star game and speaking about the Chief Wahoo logo says “I’ve never had anybody talk to me raising an issue” and he said “the Indians have had polls and studies that indicate it’s not a problem”.   Are you surprised that Bud Selig did not take more of a definitive stand on Chief Wahoo?


8. An investigation is underway into a near-miss incident in the skies over Cleveland.   Federal Aviation Administration officials says a helicopter and an unmanned drone passed within 50-yards of each this past weekend.     Do you think the FAA pass regulations on the use of drones and if so how can they be enforced?


9. The Ohio State Highway Patrol has the best looking cruisers in the country after voting ended on the American Association of State Troopers contest on Facebook.    Ohio won with their silver Dodge Chargers, embellished with its winged-wheel logos and a blue light bar; each of the V-8 Hemi cruisers cost $48,269 each after they are outfitted with radios, computers, cages and other necessary gear.    What is coolest looking cop car you have ever scene?  


10. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said after the NBA’s Board of Governors meeting there is no guarantee that Donald Sterling won’t be the owners of the Los Angeles Clippers before the season starts due to pending litigation but added “I can say with certainty that we are doing everything in our power to move Donald out as an owner in the NBA”.   Do you think there could be player boycotts if Sterling is still an owner at the start of the season?


11. Jonathan:  Play of clip of Weird Al’s “Tacky” song.     Weird Al has a new parody called “Tacky” to the tune of “Happy” by Pharrell.    Do you know anyone who is a tacky dresser?


 12. Prince Fielder is naked on the cover of ESPN The Magazine.   What do you think of the photo and his body?


 13. Pope Francis says working on Sundays is having a negative impact on families and friendships.   The Pope says the priority should be “not economic but human” and that the stress should be on families and friendships”.    Do you think working on Sunday’s has a negative impact on families?