1. The wait is still on (or/The wait is over) for Decision II. Are you surprised by the amount of media hype over the decision both locally and nationally?


2. How important is it for Cleveland’s psyche that LeBron returns? (or returned)


3. What happens to LeBron’s legacy if he comes back and does not win a championship?


4. What do you think about Cedar Point’s offer to name a roller coaster after LeBron James?


5. Glenn Beck…who you can hear here at 10 a.m. says he plans to haul food-water, teddy bears and soccer balls to the U.S.-Mexico border to give to the tens of thousands of undocumented children who are in the United States. Beck says he’s getting violent e-mails from people who say he’s betrayed the Republic for offering assistance and adds "anyone, left or right, seeking political gain at the expense of these desperate, vulnerable, poor and suffering are reprehensible". What do you think of Beck helping the immigrant children? Do you think the criticism is justified?


6. Rock Hall inductee Alice Cooper is now in the "White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame" located in Columbus. The man who made "School’s Out" and "Eighteen" famous just loves the sliders from White Castle and says of the honor "a lot of my fellow rockers are going to be envious of this honor". Do you like White Castle burgers? What fast food restaurant makes the best burger?


7. Pope Francis says working on Sundays is having a negative impact on families and friendships. The Pope says the priority should be "not economic but human" and that the stress should be on families and friendships". Do you think working on Sunday’s has a negative impact on families?


8. Less than a week after it was introduced, a proposal to make elections for Cuyahoga County offices nonpartisan already seems doomed. During the proposal's first public hearing on Monday afternoon, four members of County Council – all Democrats -- expressed firm opposition to a proposed charter amendment to remove party affiliation for elections for county executive, county council and county prosecutor. Do you think party affiliation should play a role in how officials are elected in Cuyahoga county?


9. Four suspects in the murder of revered pub owner Jim Brennan confessedto their roles in the shooting, Police Chief Jeffrey Robertson said in a statement Saturday. "We have obtained full confessions from those in our custody as to their involvement in this crime," Robertson said. Brandon Jones, 23, his brother Darien Jones, 21, and brothers Devon Turner, 26, and Paul Turner, 23, are all charged with aggravated murder and aggravated robbery in Cleveland Heights Municipal Court. What should happen to the confessed killers?


10. The 15-year-old American cousin of a Palestinian teen who was abducted and killed in Jerusalem was beaten and jailed by Israeli police in what relatives say was 'attempted murder'. Tariq Khdeir, a student at the Universal Academy of Florida, an Islamic school in Tampa, is the cousin of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who it is claimed was burnt to death by Israeli extremists in a revenge attack on Wednesday. 'Profoundly troubled' U.S. officials have been quick to condemn the attack, calling for a full investigation and saying that it 'strongly condemns any excessive use of force.’ Are you concerned about the state of American/Israeli relations?