1.  Competing airlines are trying to take advantage of all the negativity regarding United Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday when an Asian doctor was physically removed from the plane during an overbooked flight.  Southwest Airline changed their motto to “We beat the competition. Not you” and Royal Jordanian Airlines tweeted “We are here to keep you untied. Dragging is strictly prohibited”.  What do you think about the airlines policy of overbooking and then bribing customers to take a later flight?  Should airlines be prohibited from overbooking by law?


2.      White House press secretary Sean Spicer apologized for his comment that Adolf Hitler didn’t sink to using chemical weapons during World War II.   Spicer said it was mistake, my bad and an inexcusable mistake.  Some are calling for Spicer to be fired or step down.  Should he stay or go?


3.       United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held a joint press conference after their meeting in Moscow and the two agreed that relations between the two countries could be improved.   Tillerson says the relations at a low point and there is a low level of trust between the two countries.  Can their ever be trust before the U.S. and Russia?


4.    Indians first baseman-designated hitter Carlos Santana wrote a letter to Indians fans that  was posted on MLB.com on Wednesday.  It read in part, “I play for the Cleveland Indians, but I am also a father, a husband and a friend.  I am more than a baseball player.  I’m Carlos Santana.  This is my story.  Cleveland is my city.”  Santana went on to describe how grateful he is to play for the Indians because they gave him the opportunity to play in the Majors after growing up in the Dominican Republic.  Santana can be a free agent after the 2107 season.  Do you think he would offer the Indians a home town discount to stay in Cleveland?


5.    The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, the Cleveland Metroparks and the City of Cleveland announced the 2018 and 2019 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships are coming to Edgewater Park and the surrounding areas with about 5,000 athletes competing.  The Olympic distance triathlon consists of a 1,500 meter swim, a 40-kilometer bike ride and a 10-kilometer run.  Are you a swimmer, bike rider or runner?


6.      Dazzmond Pratt of Akron got into a domestic dispute with his girlfriend throwing her through the front window screen and onto the front lawn and he also killed their four gold fish by pouring bleach into the tank. He’s been charged with domestic violence and cruelty to animals. What do you think of the cruelty to animals charge?


7.      Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville did not.  Dr. Seuss Enterprises and playwright Matthew Lombardo are in a legal battle over Lombardo’s play “Who’s Holiday” which is story about Cindy Lou, a 45-year-old woman who spent time in jail for murdering the Grinch, who had been her husband and father of her daughter.  Dr. Seuss Enterprises says his play infringes on the copyright of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”.  Lombardo says it has nothing to do with Whoville and is seeking more than $130,000 in damages from having his Off-Broadway play put on hold.  “Who’s” right?


8.      North Carolina legislators are at it again.  House Bill 780 would declare the federal government is not legally authorized to regulate marriage therefore the state’s 2012 amendment banning same sex marriage would remain in effect.  Should state law supersede federal law or vice versa?



9.      MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is putting pressure on the Cleveland Indians to “transition away from Chief Wahoo logo” on all merchandise. In a statement to The New York Times, Pat Courtney, a spokesman for Major League Baseball said Manfred, in talks with Indians owners, had made clear his desire to phase out the logo. Should Manfred leave this issue up to the team to decide?


10.   The Browns hold the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft later this month, and defensive end Miles Garrett has been widely considered the slam dunk #1 pick. However, it seems that the Browns front office is divided on who to select.  ESPN’s Adam Shefter reports that there are factions within the Browns front office that want Garrett and others who want to select North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky.  Does it worry you that there seems to be division within the front office so close to the draft?