1.    Cleveland Police are continuing to look for Steve Stephens who killed an innocent victim Robert Godwin Sr. and posted it on Facebook Live.  What were your initial thoughts about what happened ?


2.       Is the immediacy of social media and especially Facebook Live a good thing or bad thing?


3.       Was this just a random act of violence due to mental illness? 


4.    The final score of the Cavs-Pacesr game Saturday afternoon was 109-108 and game 2 is tonight at The Q.  You can hear courtside coverage beginning at 6 with Nick Camino and former Cavs head coach Mike Fratello at 6, tip off at 7 here on WTAM 1100.  What do you think of the series heading into tonight’s game 2?  Does it matter if you win by 1 point or 20 points in the playoffs?


5.       It was the most anticipated births in social media history as more than 1.2 million people watched April the giraffe give birth live with millions more watching the video replay.  Were you one of the millions?


6.   Today is Dyngus Day! It’s a day of Polish fun celebrated the day after Easter meant to throw off the restrictions of Lent.  Last year, more than 30,000 people partied in the Gordon Square, Ohio City and Tremont neighborhoods with Lolley The Trolley offering free shuttles.  It all kicks off this morning right after The Spew at 10 at Kishka’s Beer tent at W. 58th and Detroit, Miss Dyngus will crowned with kielbasa at 4:30 and the accordion parade steps off at 6.  Do you like to Polka?  Do you like kielbasa? Do you celebrate Dyngus Day?


7.       Right now it’s a war of words and threats between the United States and North Korea.  The U.S. and South Korea are performing joint military exercises and satellite imagery suggests North Korea conducted a failed missile test over the weekend. North Korea’s vice minister said the Trump administration is more vicious and more aggressive than that of Barack Obama and they will continue building up its nuclear arsenal in quality and quantity.  Will it become more than a war of words between the two countries?


8.       The Browns hold the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft later this month, and defensive end Miles Garrett has been widely considered the slam dunk #1 pick. However, it seems that the Browns front office is divided on who to select.  ESPN’s Adam Shefter reports that there are factions within the Browns front office that want Garrett and others who want to select North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky.  Does it worry you that there seems to be division within the front office so close to the draft?  Who should the Browns draft next week with the number one pick?


9.     A new survey polled Americans on their attitudes about adultery and cheating says 69% of people say sending sexually explicit text messages to someone else is cheating, 63% say maintaining a dating profile is cheating, 37% say going out to dinner with someone you are attracted to is cheating and 16% say following an ex on social media is cheating. Is sending sexually explicit and flirtatious text messages cheating? What about following an ex on social media?


10.   MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is putting pressure on the Cleveland Indians to “transition away from Chief Wahoo logo” on all merchandise. In a statement to The New York Times, Pat Courtney, a spokesman for Major League Baseball said Manfred, in talks with Indians owners, had made clear his desire to phase out the logo. Should Manfred leave this issue up to the team to decide?