1.   Legendary comedian Don Rickles passed away last week at the age of 90.  Best known as an insult comic, he received nationwide exposure on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson appearing on the show more than 100 times and he was also known for his role in “The Toy Story” movie as the voice of Mr. Potato Head.   What are your thoughts on the life and career of Don Rickles?


2.   That’s a Cleveland 911 operator taking a call on St. Patrick’s day after a woman fell headfirst from a second story balcony inside a bar on W. 6th Street. Cleveland Police are now reviewing whether the dispatcher properly handled communications.  Did she? Is it OK to make a joke about drinking too much on St. Patrick’s Day?


3.      Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora is back in Ohio, but he's still in prison.  According to federal court records, Dimora is now at Elkton, a low level security federal prison in Lisbon east of Canton. Dimora is serving a 28-year prison sentence for racketeering in the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal. In March of last year, Dimora was moved from a California prison to one in West Virginia.  He will have served five years of his 28-year sentence this July. Do you think he’s one step closer to getting out on parole?


4.      What are your thoughts about The Masters?  


5.     Barry Manilow, now 73-years-old, publically announced he’s gay and he’s been in a forty-year relationship with his husband Garry Kief.  Manilow says he kept it quiet for fear he would disappoint his mostly female fan base.  Manilow says he has not seen one negative response about his relationship with Kief.  Could you live with a secret for 40 years like Manilow did?


6.      April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and the National Safety Council has come out with a list of the most common driver behaviors that puts us all at risk.  They include texting manually or via voice-dictation, checking e-mail, using social media while driving, drinking and driving, driving while sleep deprived and driving under the influence of marijuana. Do you see distracted drivers on the road?


7.      With summertime just around the corner, many of you will be jumping into a pool to cool off.   Scientists used a product called ACE which goes through the digestive system to analyze how much urine is in a typical Olympic sized pool and they found about 20 gallons of urine in a 220,000 gallon pool.  Be honest, have you ever peed in a pool?  Does the study make you think twice about swimming in a pool?


8.       A high school student newspaper in Kansas did an investigative piece on their new principal which has led to her resignation.  The six-student news team dug into the background of Amy Robertson and found out that her college degree lacked accreditation and they discovered that a private school in Dubai where she was principal had its license suspended after years of unsatisfactory ratings.  The school board was paying Robertson $93,000 a year.  What did you think about the investigative journalism skills of the students? Should the school board be held accountable for not doing a proper background check?


9.      A high school in Charlotte, North Carolina wants students to be held accountable if they are the ones shooting video of fights at school.  School officials says kids plan the fights and have others standing by to record them. Should kids who use their phones to record fights be punished?  Or is it good to have the fights on video so administrators can take actions against the combatants?


10.    Joanne Havens of Ravenna call 911 after she was locked inside a Kohl’s store after hours.  Surveillance video shows her stealing clothing items which police found in purse.  She plead not guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge.  Does Havens qualify as a knucklehead in the news?