1. Israeli forces have launched a ground phrase in its effort to halt rockets being fired at Israel from Gaza.   Israel says their intentions are to strike a significant blow to Hamas’ terror infrastructure.   Until yesterday, the battle has consisted of Hamas, which controls Gaza, launching rockets at Israel and Israel targeting what it calls terrorists sites in Gaza with fighter jets and naval guns.  Israel twice halted its attacks and has been negotiating with Hamas for a more permanent cease fire in Cairo, Egypt.   Do you think Israel and Hamas can settle their differences through peace talks rather than on a battlefield?

2. A surface to air missile struck a Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 295 people went down in Ukraine near the Russian border killing everyone on board.   The United State says their intelligence determined that it was single missile that struck the Boeing 777-200 aircraft while at cruising altitude.  It’s still unclear whether the missile was fired from insider Ukraine possibly by Pro-Russian separatists or inside Russian territory.     What do you think happened?   Do you think Russian President Putin had any involvement?  Can anything be done by the world against Russian separatists?   

3. Tiger Woods is making run at winning the British Open.   Playing in his first major of the season following back surgery, Woods shot a three-under 69 on the first day of the tournament and today he’s _______________.      Do you think Tiger can win it over the weekend and would you like to see him break Jack Nicklaus’ record for most major tournament wins?

4. The Kevin Love trade rumors are heating up.    Do you think the Cavs will pull the trigger?    Would you include Andrew Wiggins in the deal?

5. This week marks the 30th anniversary of the national drinking age being raised to 21-years-old.    If you were raising teen age children, do you think it’s better to never allow your children to drink at home or at family celebrations before they reach the legal drinking age or does it make drinking less taboo if you let them drink at home by having a glass of wine or a beer?

6. A Rhode Island company is being sued by The Ohio State University for selling T-shirts featuring the image of fans forming the letters O-H-I-O.    OSU says it had the image trademarked in 2012 and argues that O-H-I-O identifies the school.    Do you think the lawsuit will hold up?   Should the university have the rights to the slogan?

7.  Glenn Beck…who you can hear here at 10 a.m. has now raised more than $2 million and he  plans to haul food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls to the U.S.-Mexico border to give to the tens of thousands of undocumented children who are in the United States.  Beck says he’s getting violent e-mails from people who say he’s betrayed the Republic for offering assistance and adds “anyone, left or right, seeking political gain at the expense of these desperate, vulnerable, poor and suffering are reprehensible”.  What do you think of Beck helping the immigrant children?   Do you think the criticism is justified?

8. Slyman’s is expanding into the burbs.    The famous Cleveland sandwich shop famous for their corned beef at East 31st and St. Clair will open up a new location with restaurateur George Fox in Independence on Rockside Road this fall.    Where can you  get the best corned beef in Cleveland?  Is Slyman’s the best?

9. An investigation is underway into a near-miss incident in the skies over Cleveland.   Federal Aviation Administration officials says a helicopter and an unmanned drone passed within 50-yards of each this past weekend.     Do you think the FAA pass regulations on the use of drones and if so how can they be enforced?

10. The Ohio State Highway Patrol has the best looking cruisers in the country after voting ended on the American Association of State Troopers contest on Facebook.    Ohio won with their silver Dodge Chargers, embellished with its winged-wheel logos and a blue light bar; each of the V-8 Hemi cruisers cost $48,269 each after they are outfitted with radios, computers, cages and other necessary gear.    What is coolest looking cop car you have ever scene?  

11.  NBA commissioner Adam Silver said after the NBA’s Board of Governors meeting there is no guarantee that Donald Sterling won’t be the owners of the Los Angeles Clippers before the season starts due to pending litigation but added “I can say with certainty that we are doing everything in our power to move Donald out as an owner in the NBA”.   Do you think there could be player boycotts if Sterling is still an owner at the start of the season?

12. Weird Al has a new parody called “Tacky” to the tune of “Happy” by Pharrell.    Do you know anyone who is a tacky dresser?