1.   The final score of the Cavs-Pacers game last night was 119-114.  historic Comeback! What do you think of the series after three games?


2.     Today is “Prince Day” in the state of Minnesota and the I-35 bridge will be illuminated in purple.  Gov. Mark Dayton says it’s to honor the legacy of Prince who died one year ago.  What do you think of “Prince Day”?  Should the state be honoring someone who died of an opioid overdose?


3.     Julia Roberts has been named People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Woman” for a record 5th time at the age of 49.  Is she?


4.      Tomorrow is April 22nd, Earth Day.  This year’s campaign focuses on environmental and climate literacy. Is the Earth better off than it was a year ago?


5.      The Miami Marlins are for sale and the sale price is expected to be in the $1.2 billion to $1.3 billion range.  Former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush have teamed up in an effort to buy the team.  Are they an odd couple?


6.    Yesterday was 420 day or weed day.   How did 420 day start?  Do you know anyone who celebrated 420 day by smoking weed?


7.    A new survey polled Americans on their attitudes about adultery and cheating says 69% of people say sending sexually explicit text messages to someone else is cheating, 63% say maintaining a dating profile is cheating, 37% say going out to dinner with someone you are attracted to is cheating and 16% say following an ex on social media is cheating. Is sending sexually explicit and flirtatious text messages cheating? What about following an ex on social media?


8.      Major League Baseball umpires could get mic’d up.  Microphones on umpires could be tested during the All-Star game and be rolled out in the second half of the season including the playoffs.  Would you like to hear what the umpires are saying?


9.  President Trump signed an executive order while visiting Snap-on Tools in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday that directs federal agencies to review procurement rules and visa programs to buy American.  Will the order help produce and protect American jobs?  Is Trump living up to his campaign promise of “America First”?


10.   Vice President Mike Pence visited the Korean Demilitarized Zone on Monday and went all the way to the military demarcation line which is the heavily guarded border between North and South Korea.  The U.S. and South Korea are performing joint military exercises and satellite imagery suggests North Korea conducted a failed missile test over the weekend. North Korea’s vice minister said the Trump administration is more vicious and more aggressive than that of Barack Obama and they will continue building up its nuclear arsenal in quality and quantity.  Will it become more than a war of words between the two countries?