The Forum with Mansfield Frazier

Mansfield Frazier talks about issues and concerns in the community with newsmaker interviews and listener phone calls.

Mansfield Frazier is a native Clevelander and a product of the Cleveland public school system. He left Cleveland in 1969, and for the next 30 years lived all over the United States, pursuing activities that can best be described as checkered at best, an experience he feels greatly shapes his perspectives as a writer and journalist, primarily focused on social justice issues.

Self-taught as a writer, he returned to Cleveland in 1995 and began his career as the associate editor of an urban news magazine, The Downtown Tab. He's served briefly as the editor of the minority-focused weekly, The Call & Post before moving on to edit CityNews, a startup urban weekly. His writing currently is featured nationally on Newsweek/The Daily Beast, and locally on both and The Cleveland Leader.

Mansfield and his wife Brenda enjoy tending their raised bed gardens, which they work diligently to keep their two dogs, Ginger and Zeda from rampaging through.

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