(Photo by Ray Davis / Newsradio WTAM 1100)

John Lanigan tells Triv about how he got started in radio and says that he can't recommend people try to break into radio today. "There's no where to go to be bad. You've got to be immediately successful or you're gone."

Triv asked who John Lanigan is off the radio and John replied, "Uh, pretty uninteresting. (Laughs) There's really not a lot there. I love being home, I... I have dogs that I play with, I've been married for forty-some years... "

Triv asked if John was the same on-air as he is off off-air. "Uh, no... not even close. That's a prepared act, the material that's there is prepared... but no, it's not the same person at all."

Lanigan also talks about Howard Stern, The Prize Movie, Lanigan's favorite interviews, how he always wanted to do radio in New York City, and more.