(Photo by Ray Davis / Newsradio WTAM 1100)

John Lanigan talked with Triv about his early life, getting kicked out of high school, and then getting the nickname "Mr. Know-It-All" from sports broadcaster Pete Franklin.

Lanigan asked about how long the Mr. Know-It-All bit lasted and Triv replied "I started doing that when I was a teenager, so I mean, it probably lasted twenty years, fifteen, eighteen years."

When asked about his first real radio gig, Triv said, "So, I walk into the [WNCX] studio. [Paul] Tapié's playing music during the morning show, it's about 7 o'clock in the morning. He takes the Cleveland Plain Dealer Sports Section... and he throws it at me... He goes, 'when I point to you, do five minutes of sports.'"

Lanigan and Triv talked more about Howard Stern, "There was talk of me... Howard in the morning and me in the afternoon." Lanigan replied with, "So, they left him in the afternoon because [Jerry Shirly] had a signed guitar?"

While talking about Triv's move to 3WE, Lanigan said, "[Mike Trivisonno] is more Cleveland. There are people who go, 'I hate him,'... they're saying to themselves, 'he did it, why couldn't I have done it. He's the average guy from Cleveland.'"

Talking about Triv's success, Lanigan said, "...you asked me a week ago how do you get started, I said you've gotta have someplace to go to be bad. You never had some place to go to be bad."

Triv responded with, "My first job in radio was morning drive. My second job, well, was nights, but it turned into afternoon drive very quickly... I got lucky, John."

About his success and career, Triv said, "I've been very lucky in my life... I've been in the right place at the right time. I've caught a lot of breaks."

Triv also talks about his relationship with Pete Franklin, his move to afternoon drive, his very comfortable salary, being brought up to be a racist, and what it would take to get Triv to leave Cleveland radio.

Last Friday, August 1st, Triv interview John Lanigan about his beginnings, Howard Stern, The Prize Movie, Lanigan's favorite interviews, how he always wanted to do radio in New York City, and more. Listen to the entire interview.