(Cleveland.)  The Cavaliers have the number one pick in tomorrow nights

NBA Draft, but it is a draft, in which there is no player, who is close to a

consensus top choice.  It doesn't mean there is no talent in this draft,

but one player does not stand out.  Cavs have been very mum on their

plan, but big men  F Nerlens Noel from Kentucky and 7'1 C Alex Len from

Maryland may be the two players under most consideration.  The Cavs need

size inside, but there are health questions for both Noel(knee) and Len(ankle)

which could push the Cavs in another direction, such as Kansas G, Ben Mclemore.

The Cavs have reportedly been active in talking trade with names like

Kevin Love, Lamarcus Aldridge and Luol Deng being possible targets, but

so far no deal.  If the Cavs can't find a partner for a trade, look for Len to be

the top pick. He wins out over Noel because of his offensive game, in which

he has shown  the ability to post-up inside and according to his college coach

he can shoot it from outside.  Look for the Cavs to keep everyone guessing

until the Commissioner says the name.

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