-Browns Coach Pat Shurmur surprised no one as he named Brandon Weeden his starting quarterback. Shurmur had multiple reasons why Weeden is his guy “I think he’s an outstanding thrower, he knows how to play the position, he’s a good decision maker and he’s working through the progressions and understanding where the ball goes.

He’s accurate and I think when he gets in the huddle, he’s wired right to play the position. So, he’s going to be our guy right now.”

-With Weeden named the starter the next question to Shurmur was who will be his back up and his answer was pretty clear The number two position will be determined based on how things play out here in training camp.

We have five weeks to go before we play our first regular season game. Brandon, as you know, has been getting most of the work with the ones so this isn’t like we’re just starting a development. We’re just ramping it up now.

-Weeden was extremely excited to be named the starter but he thinks the best part about being named the starter is all the extra reps he will get now “No doubt, you look at guys like Peyton Manning, guys that have been in the league for 12, 13, 14, whatever, how many years, and he takes every rep.

As a quarterback, you can’t see enough looks, you can’t make enough throws, you can’t get enough reps to get prepared. I think as a quarterback, you want as many as you can because there are so many different looks they’re giving you.

You can do so many things offensively that are just completely different. I’m still young in this offense. I’m still learning the ins and outs of everything. I think every rep is vital, and that’s the way I approach it. I don’t take any rep for granted, even if it’s one-on-ones or if it’s an inside drill with the backs. I take every single rep and learn something from it.”

-On the flip side of this is the feelings of Colt McCoy who wasn’t thrilled with the competition. When a reporter said to McCoy that there was a competition he asked “was it?” He was asked if he wanted to be traded and he paused for about 5 seconds and avoided the question and said he just learned about the decision prior to practice.

Coach Shurmur was asked had McCoy asked to be traded and here is what he had to say “Nope. All Colt has told me is that he wants to compete and get better and help this team win. That’s what he has told me and I’m sure you guys will ask him.”

-The team will practice at 2 on Tuesday as Shurmur and some of his staff will travel to Philadelphia to attend the services for Garrett Reid, the son of Andy Reid who passed away suddenly Sunday morning.

After being in Philly for 10 years, Shurmur’s heart goes out to the Reid’s “It’s hard to even think about what Andy (Reid) and Tammy (Reid) and the family are going through losing a child. I can’t even imagine. As a father, it’s got to be tough and for those of us who knew Garrett, it’s even tougher. We remember training camps when all our boys were out there as ball boys and helping out and being around. So, if you know someone of course you have more memories and you just wish them the best.