Day 6 of Browns Training Camp had the team back in full pads. Here are a few notes from the day in Berea

 -After missing most of the second half of practice on Monday WR Josh Gordon sat out practice with tendinitis in his knee, Coach Chudzinski expects him back on the practice field within the next few days.

 -Desmond Bryant was back at practice as well was Montario Hardesty. TJ Ward was limited during practice as he has a tight hamstring.

 -Saturday night the team will have its annual Family Night at FIRST Energy Stadium, most years it’s basically a glorified practice and it sounds like that’s what it’ll be this Saturday as well. Here’s what you can expect according to the head coach “We are going to do it as a normal practice.

We will have some situations, work some and move-the-ball periods that we do as well. With our install and how tight it is as in terms of the number of days before the game, we have to get some things done more so than opening up for a scrimmage-type situation. In reality we are going to be playing on Thursday. That is not a lot of time between now and Thursday.”

 -It’s easy to the casual fan to watch a practice and judge a quarterback by the number of interceptions or incompletions, but Coach Chudzinski says don’t judge so fast, “The numbers are hard to track progress with a guy, as well judge them on those. We are asking them to do things, asking them to throw certain throws and put them in certain situations we want to see them in and see how they react to those.

Sometimes, you see an incompletion and it may not just be the quarterback; it could be the route, it could be pretty much anything. It’s hard to assess that until you get in at watch the film and go through it that way.”

-Browns GM Mike Lombardi spoke at the beginning of practice and had maybe his most positive thing to say about Browns QB Brandon Weeden,

 “I think everybody that practices football has really good days and they have some bad days, and I think everything's a learning experience, and I think he clearly has proven in the offseason that he's gotten better at everything they've asked him to do. So every day is about getting better, and I think that's what a lot of players are doing.”