1. New Orleans Saints - Its simple the Saint's D has giving up 66 fewer pts than the Broncos D.

2. Denver Broncos - See explanation of number one.

3. Seattle Seahawks - Too many FG's, not enough TD's in loss at Indy.

4. New England Patriots - With Gronk out and the below average play of the WR's Tom Brady looks almost average.

5. Indianapolis Colts - Like their Head Coach this team has a never say die attitude. Oh and by the way Andrew Luck is the real deal.

6. Kansas City Chiefs - Can Andy Reid coach or what?

7. San Francisco - Getting back to basics and running the ball will help Kapernick.

8. Cincinnati Bengals - They beat GB and NE, but they were at home and lost to Cleveland and Chicago on the road.

9. Baltimore Ravens - Take away Joe Flacco's 5 int's against Buffalo and they should be 4 and 1.

10. Detroit Lions - USC Reggie Bush fits like a glove in Detroit.

11. Miami Dolphins - Going into the bye week with two strait loses after starting 3-0 makes the Bills game on October 20th big for Miami.


Arnie Hamilton

WTAM Sports