The Browns inched a day closer to playing the Redskins but still are in limbo as to who will play quarterback for the Skins. Robert Griffin III practiced again on a limited basis and will most likely, will be a game time decision. Here are a few notes from the day in Berea.

 -The biggest question of the week besides whether or not Griffin will play is how in the world do you contain him? Coach Shurmur gives his thoughts, “I don’t know, there are a lot of teams that have tried and had limited success.

When you talk about the running game it’s about playing team defense and everybody’s got to be aggressive, they’ve got to address their gaps, defeat their blocks and then go chase the football.

That’s important. We’ve got to have a guy in every gap. It sounds cliché but that’s the way it works. Of course, now you add to it the element of the play action, which they do extremely well.

Then we’ve got to be able to, in our preparation, read our keys and get where we need to be. When they choose to drop back and throw the football, whether we’re playing man or zone, we’ve got to be in the right spots. It’s going to take a consistent effort from everyone on the field.”

-Shurmur refuses to be duped by Griffin practicing lightly because he himself has cautiously prepare multiple guys for a game himself in the past, “No, because I see how I do things around here, number one.

You guys [the media] have got a really tight net, but every once in a while some stuff slips through. I don’t know what to think. I saw you guys yesterday, you had to look into the sun to see who was out there. When you’re squinting sometimes you might miss a number. You might have thought 46 was out there. (joking).”

 -Cleveland native London Fletcher is in 15th year continues to play quality football and he amazes Shurmur at what he’s able to do still, “He’s amazing isn’t he? I think he’s a pro.

When you look around the league, every roster has those guys that just keep going and finding a way to keep doing it. He’s obviously got a lot of great stuff at his core because he’s been there for a very long time, and of course, St. Louis and Buffalo. I admire him for a lot of reasons.

Believe it or not, he’s kind of flown under the radar as a middle linebacker in this league. I’ve played against him enough to know that’s not the case.”

-Coach Shurmur is proud to have Dick Jauron as his defensive coordinator and he was so excited to get Jauron that his first call after he was hired here was to Jauron. “I’ve always admired Dick. You become a fan of the league so you watch how people do things. We were in Philadelphia when he built a playoff caliber team in Chicago.

I knew a lot about him from his days working with my uncle. I admired him first off as a person, as a teacher and then of course, his knowledge and what he’d accomplished. I thought he would be an outstanding guy to inspire our guys on defense.”