Wednesday in the NFL is usually the day that a team erases last week from their minds and move on to the next opponent. For the Browns that is the Bengals who were embarrassed last Monday night by the Ravens and can wait to get the bad taste out of their mouths that the Browns have as well. Here are a few notes from today out in Berea.

-Wednesday was the first day that Coach Shurmur could talk about the suspension of CB Joe Haden and despite losing one of his top players Shurmur refused to beat Haden up,

“We’re going to miss Joe for a month and the next guys in there will do a good job. I’m very confident that the players we have on this team will go in and challenge and play extremely well. That’s just the way it goes and we’re all aware of the rules so we move forward.”

-When asked if Haden had disappointed him, the coach stuck to his plan, “Joe had an outstanding training camp, I think he made plays throughout the preseason and then in our first game he had some real good plays.

We had these conversations; I anticipate that when he comes back he’ll pick up where he left off. Joe and I had a lot of conversations behind the scenes. I’ll keep that between he and I.”

 - The team will continue to rotate the team’s fourth captain each week and this week that honor goes to DE Frostee Rucker who played with the Bengals for 6 seasons. Here is what Rucker had to say about returning to the Queen City, “I’m sure it’s going to be very exciting.

It’s a sellout, that’s a big deal and there’s not going to be a blackout so that’s huge. I’m just excited to go back there and play some good ball.”

-Brandon Weeden obviously had a rough go of things last week and one of the questions thrown his way today was about his confidence and what he gathers his confidence from, “It can’t be any worse than it was the first week and I mean that jokingly.

We’re all going to have rough stretches. I think obviously mine was the first week. I look at the mistakes I made, and you guys saw them. Guys were wide open and I missed them. That’s not my character. That’s not the way I usually throw the football.

 I’m confident. I was up here pretty much all day yesterday; I was here first thing this morning. I’m just really harping on the mistakes I made and trying to correct those going into this week. They are a little bit different style of defense, but still a very good defense, but a little bit different style. The game plan is not all in yet, but I think day one was pretty good.”

 -AJ Green came on the scene last year as a rookie that caught a ton of balls and attention as he helped lead the Bengals to the play offs. Shurmur was asked today what makes Green stand out?

 “He has size, he does a good job against bump-and-run, I think he catches the ball extremely well and I think he’s a very competitive guy. The one thing he does is there are times when the ball gets thrown up to him when it’s less than ideal situations for the offense and he finds a way to go up and get it. I think that’s a very strong attribute for a receiver.”

-And with so many people in every NFL town either too high or low about their respective team Coach Shurmur made an interesting point about week 1 in the NFL

 “That’s very fair to say, I think. When I put my team out there on Sunday, a lot of new faces playing in a situation that you try to create through training camp, but you can’t totally create. That’s playing 60-something odd plays in a very competitive environment against other players who are equally competitive.

I do think, even in my conversations with Andy (Reid) before the game, it’s Week One, and you just go out there and play as hard as you can and fight, just like every week you fight to get a victory.

That’s what you try to do. I think we all need to get used to seeing it as coaches and players once they’re all out there with the 53 man roster and who your starters are and what not. I think that’s fair.”