On which quarterback will be starting:

“We’re going to start Brian (Hoyer).”

On if tomorrow is going to be more of an installation day for the game:

“It is and we’ll scale back some of tomorrow’s practice, too. We’ve been going a bunch of days in a row, a bunch of days in pads. We’ll still be in pads, but we’ll trim it down some.”

On if he can give more details on the number of reps you look to get the starters:

“No, I was going to kind of break that plan down to the guys today in the team meeting. I’ll be able to talk about that a little bit more tomorrow, but as I said, we will more than likely be slightly above what the average is.”

On if that will be with the second unit also:


On his reasoning for that:

“It’s a new system. It’s the first time we’re really going against somebody else. We were similar to it in New York. You want to walk that fine line between potentially putting guys at risk, but I think that’s the price you pay. There’s no substitute for live game reps against somebody else. That’s the best tape to evaluate. I don’t think we’ll potentially be the most, but I would be surprised if we’re not above the average as far as how long we have our starters out there.”

On how far both QB Johnny Manziel and Hoyer have come:

They’ve both made improvement. I think they’re both doing a good job of playing to their skill sets. It’s obviously very different what they bring to the table. I think Brian is starting to feel very comfortable in the pocket even though it was a heart skip and a beat moment yesterday when he got hit. I think that might be the best thing for him that he felt like, ‘Hey, I can take a shot at my knee and still be able to pop up.’ He’s feeling more confident, and I think we all see what Manziel can do. He can make plays with his feet, but I think he’s maybe better than we thought in the pocket as well.”

On what his reasoning is for starting Hoyer:

“It was his job. He was the one coming into it. We did want to mix the groups up which we did, but he’s done nothing to have that taken away from him, so he’ll be out there with the starters.”

On if Manziel will get any reps with the ones on Saturday:

“That’s a possibility. We still haven’t talked about the starters, but the coaches were coming up with their own plans on how they want to rotate it. I’ll probably know better tomorrow if he’ll be in there with the ones.”

On Hoyer not getting a day off because of his knee injury so far in camp:

“I’ve left that up to him and the trainer. If him and (head athletic trainer) Joe Sheehan felt like he needed a day off like if there was residual swelling – it’s not like it’s where (WR) Charles Johnson and (WR) Travis Benjamin are where they’re doing so much running on it that there’s a potential chance for residual swelling on it. Brian’s a quarterback. He’s not doing as much moving around, so we haven’t felt the need at this point.”

On if it’s possible that Manziel will start the following week:

“That’s possible. That seems about a month away me.”

On how he’ll use WR Josh Gordon and if he’ll be with the ones:

“Yes. I think we’ll mix him in. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him out there some with the ones and some with the twos and maybe even into the second half. The individual coaches are coming up with their plan. We’ve got a couple guys nicked up today so that’s always being adjusted.”

On if the first order of business yesterday was to look at Hoyer’s knee after he got hit:

“I think one of the trainers went up to him afterwards and I don’t think there was any issue with it. He’s normally in there after practice anyway. He has his normal routine. He would know if something didn’t feel right with it. It was fine.”

On if the starter for week one is going to be determined from the two preseason games:

“More than likely. I think more weight will be put on those as I said before because it’s live reps. The practice part will still be important, but I think it’s safe to say that.”

On if he still thinks he’ll name the starter before the third preseason game:

That’s the plan. I would like the starter to be – just across the board for us to have starters in place. I’ve always been a part of – and more than likely will be here – of resting most of the guys in the fourth game so that third game is critical to get that chemistry and that cohesion. We’ve mixed the lineups a lot, which is good because you’re getting guys exposure. They’re in with the twos. They’re in with the ones. They’re going against the ones. They’re going against the twos, but at some time you’ve got to settle down and get that cohesion.”

On if Benjamin had a rest day today:

Yeah, that was just a normal day off for him, scheduled.”

On if the influx of players that were added today is the coaches scouring for the gutter guys:

“It is. (GM) Ray (Farmer) is staying busy. He’s not just bunkering in until next year’s draft. He’s going to work the roster. There are a lot of different ways to add talent to your roster. Sometimes it’s a guy you maybe had an eye on that becomes free, or it’s because of a need – there’s a guy you lose to an injury and you want to make sure you’re not putting the other guys at risk because they’re getting too many repetitions.”

On if TE Jordan Cameron is OK because two of the new guys added are tight ends:

“He’s OK. He will not go this weekend, but he should be able to go next week.”

On what LB Chris Kirksey has shown him:

“He’s been great. If you were just an observer at practice and didn’t have a roster, you wouldn’t think he was a rookie. He’s great on the practice field. He asks the right questions. He’s been very engaging in the meeting rooms. He really learns on (LB) Karlos (Dansby) who I think is a good resource for those young linebackers. He’s been a guy that’s been as advertised.”

On if his run coverage is better than advertised:

“That’s the one thing we knew he could do. The one thing we didn’t get a lot of looks at from his college tape is being an inside the box linebacker. He was walked out a lot and on top of receivers. We knew he could cover because he played a lot over top of wide outs. There were some reps of him inside, but we just felt a lot better when he got here and realized that this kid is a complete linebacker.”

On if the reason there is so much defensive pressure when the they’re running the bootlegs is because the defense knows what’s coming because they’ve seen it so many times:

“Yeah, I think once you get to the point where you’re seeing it, seeing it, seeing it and you kind of figure out the real subtle tells – I think it’s good work but that’s why you get that false sense. You start to learn the cadence and you learn maybe some of the code words. That’s why the best tests are always when you go against somebody else.”

On if he hopes that when he calls those there’s not a guy coming free every time:

“Yeah, I think the way the system works too, if you’re face a team that has a lot of edge pressure bringing guys up the field then you’ll be a lot less likely to run those and more to run designed cut back runs to take advantage of them being up the field. It’s just like anything else. You’re taking what an opponent gives you. If they want to play flat down the line then that boot game will come more into play.”

On if he thinks DB Tashaun Gipson will go on Saturday:

“We do.”