- Knott

Colt McCoy may very well be the answer for the Browns organization at this point and time.

But I can t see how anyone could be 1000% sure that he can lead this team to the promise land. Just look at the final 4 teams in this year’s NFL play offs and go to the quarterback spot.

Each team had a 1st round draft pick at quarterback. And I’m not one of those people that rely strictly on numbers, but Mark Sanchez (Jets), Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers), Aaron Rodgers (Packers), and Jay Cutler (Bears) all were 1st round picks. And to take this thought even a step further over the past 10 years the Super Bowl winner with the exception of Tom Brady has been high rounds pick. (Even Trent Dilfer, scary right)

Enough on that whole winning a Super Bowl thing and let’s get back to McCoy himself. His positives are easily his leadership, his intelligence, and he is rather accurate. The negatives really all surround his size. McCoy is listed at 6’1” and he probably is a shade under that. He overcomes his size disadvantage with the positives I’ve mentioned.

But the problem for me comes back to arm strength. McCoy’s arm can make most of the plays in the playbook in August in Cleveland. But did anyone walk away from Colt’s starts in December and January going wow did you see that throw into that small space? I didn’t.

Gohmann states quite well that Big Ben is the best qb in the AFC north and I agree but let’s not sleep on the huge arm over in Baltimore. (Joe Flacco) And that whole “neither did Bernie and Brian” talk should go away, because as good as they were, how many rings did they get? Cuts deep I know, just the truth.

I’m not sold on Blaine Gabbert either but you can’t tell me you wouldn’t be just a little intrigued to draft a guy like Cam Newton and let him learn from Holmgren and Shurmur?

The Browns have so many needs that Colt most likely will get another year to prove he is the man. But don’t forget the Number 1 pick in the 2012 Draft very well could be Stanford qb Andrew Luck.

And I think we would all agree it’s about time the Browns found a little LUCK!!