Opening Statement: “A medical report, David Nelson was just running routes earlier in practice and felt his knee a little bit. I don’t think it was anything major. We will get that checked and report back tomorrow.

 Again, just to emphasize these four days, yesterday as well as the next few days, are really important for us. We are developing a mindset, a physical mindset. We have been in pads the last couple of days. We will be in pads on Saturday as well. We are really working to improve and develop that attitude.

It’s a critical time for us. I was pleased with today’s work. We were much more efficient today. I thought the execution was better. We are eliminating and working hard to eliminate some of the pre-snap penalties that we have been having in camp up to this point.”

 On this four-day stretch: “You get the first set of or wave of five practices and then we had a little bit of a break. These four practices are kind of where that lull hits. Everybody is usually excited in the first five practices. You really see guys start to separate themselves. Getting in pads develops that mindset. You can see how guys are really going to react when we press them and push them and put them in situations where they are going to be tired. You really get answers on guys during this time before we get into games.”

On whether he thinks his team is behind or ahead right now: “I like where we are. It’s always hard to tell when you are practicing against each other, until we get into the preseason games to give us a little better gage. I see progress in all areas. I like where the guys’ minds are right now. We are a hungry team. We improved from yesterday. What I talked about with those guys is it’s a matter of consistency. We need to do that every single day and come out with that approach to get better and we will.”

 On Josh Gordon returning to practice: “He got back out there for an individual. I saw him in one-on-ones and a little bit of limited team. He’s feeling better. Hopefully he continues to go in that direction.”

On T.J. Ward: “His hamstring from yesterday was just a little bit tight. It’s more of a preventative thing with holding him today.”

 On Josh Aubrey: “He has really developed since the spring. I’ve really noticed a big improvement. He’s a guy taking advantage of the opportunities. He’s getting chances for reps and he’s making good with them. That is what you like seeing out of guys this time of year.”

 On Brian Sanford often being in the middle of a scuffle during practice: “He’s a scrappy guy. He’s very competitive. He’s a full-speed-every-snap guy. He’s been productive in his pass rushes. He’s a guy that is out there competing and trying to make a move.” On if he likes to see that from certain guys: “I do. I like seeing guys that are competitive and tough.”

 On Quentin Groves showing up and what he likes about it: “Quentin, in a lot of respects, has been having a great camp. He is showing his pass-rush ability. He is getting off the edge quickly. He is showing leadership. He is an outstanding special-teams player. He shows up in practice. I couldn’t be more pleased with how he is approaching and being a leader.”

On Groves being versatile: “He is a very versatile player. He can play either side. He understands the defense obviously very well. The things he does on special teams will really help us.