(Opening statement)- “Thanks for coming. We had a really productive week. I am really pleased with the tempo that the guys have practiced with. Their approach, again, has been outstanding. We got a lot done this week.

As far as the OTAs themselves, the structure of it has been that we bring them in, they have a lift session. We get a chance to meet with them for an extended period of time where we will correct the previous tape as well as install for a particular day.

 Then we have a chance to come out here and practice. The past three days we have done that. We’ve had a chance, situation primarily, where we have been working on our first and second down packages, offensively, defensively and then really getting into some third downs. We got into some shorter third downs the first day of the week.

 There have been some medium third downs and some longer third downs. We are in process of installing those situations. It’s been a good week for us. It’s been good to get a chance to go out on the field against each other and see guy’s execution.

 That’s been the focus and really what we are trying to work on and see the execution level after being in phase two, which is basically working on air, for the past three weeks.”

(On why Shawn Lauvao is playing left guard and if that change is permanent)- “We are moving guys around at the guard position. (Jason) Pinkston has been back. Just this week is his first week back so he is not getting the normal amount of reps. We will slowly work him into it. We are working all the guards at all the different spots.”

 (On if the guards need to get outside a lot in the run game)- “They need to be able to block inside, pass block and be able to get outside as pullers as well.” (On if they did a lot of pulling with the guards)- “We did. That’s part of what the install was this particular day, the plays where you saw those guys getting outside a lot.”

(On Buster Skrine)- “I think he’s done a good job. Again, it’s only been a couple days here going against guys. He’s worked at it and he shows a lot of the skills from the corner position that you like. He’s got feet, he’s competitive so it’s just the process of learning the defense and just honing up on the fundamentals and techniques.”

 (On how Brandon Weeden has been able to translate from the classroom to the field)- “I think he’s done a good job with that. It starts, really with those guys with calling the play. Getting in the huddle and being able to go through that process. We had a play clock, I don’t know if you guy’s noticed.

 We’ve had a play clock out here on them to really try to really work on that tempo because that’s the difference. Guys can learn it indoors in the classroom and the application out here is what we are looking for. Part of that is the process of having to do it when there is a time constraint going on. That’s a big part of it.”

 (On if the offense needs to be at the line at a certain point on the play clock)- “Not necessarily at the line. When we break the huddle, we set it for different times and that has progressively gone down as the week has gone on.

 We will get it down to where they are breaking it at 13 or 12, which that is kind of a stress situation where you have to move things along quickly. That is kind of what we are putting on those guys right now.”