The Browns had one last practice before players took off for their bye week. Most players are taking off for a little rest but Coach Shurmur wants them to take the Bye week as just time away. Here are a few notes from my day in Berea.

 -Pat Shurmur was bombarded with questions about his future and his conversations with Jimmy Haslam. One of the more interesting comments he made was that building can be painful. But he sees positive signs from his team.

 -Shurmur endorsed Brandon Weeden as his guy at the quarterback position. He sees a guy that is learning on the job and does well with accepting the challenges that have been set in front of him.

-Weeden was asked what is the number one thing he needs to do better. “I think just do my part. I didn’t really do my part throughout the entire game for four quarters help this team get in the end zone. There are a lot of different things. I think you have to take pride in scoring touchdowns. We talk about three points sometimes isn’t bad, but you have to score touchdowns.

 Just making the things that are routine, doing them 100% all the time, being 100% on the things that are routine and that’s where the great quarterbacks become great. That’s why they’re so great; they do the things consistently all the time. That’s what I’m working toward.”

-Trent Richardson is one Brown who is looking forward to the bye week because he believes we may see a better Richardson if he can get healthy, “Oh yeah. This bye week is going to be big for me as far as having the rib injury.

It hasn’t really been where I could be at 100% yet so I’m waiting for that moment. It’s going to make a big difference having this bye week. Whenever they heal 100%, I don’t know if it will be over this bye week, but when it does it’s going to be a whole other Trent out there.”

 -Coach Shurmur seems to be happy with the growth of Greg Little, he feels like his conversations with the young wide out are working. Shurmur feels like he works his butt off blocking but also the emergence of Josh Gordon has helped as well.

-Weeden was asked if the Baltimore game is sticking with him? “It’s over. I’ve watched it twice, it’s over. I think I’m frustrated because I knew what kind of questions I was going to get.

 I came in prepared, but no, I’m frustrated. We’ve won two games and we’ve been in games where we’ve had a chance to win and we’ve come up short too many times. I think as a quarterback that’s frustrating. I feel like I need to do more to help this team win and 12 quarterbacks lost yesterday and they’re all probably saying the same thing.

At this position when things are going great you’re getting too much praise, when things are going bad you’re getting too much negativity. On the flipside, if we’re able to do the things we’re able to do to get our team in position to win games that’s all we care about.

In the long run it’s about winning games and I feel like we’ve been in games where we’ve had a chance to win a couple and we’ve come up short. This bye week if perfect, I’ll go back and look through those games and see where we came up short and hopefully we can fix it. We have a lot of season left.”