Browns 2nd year quarterback Brandon Weeden made an appearance at the Cleveland Auto Show at the I-X Center and made it clear that he has no problem competing for the Browns starting quarterback position this year.

Weeden says that he hasn’t paid attention to all the talk about what may happen with the team by saying he understands it’s a new regime that wants to look everything over, and that because they only won 5 games in 2012 he understands why he must earn his job.

Weeden also went on to say that he expects to win the job as he’s worked his tail off this season. Weeden’s voice was a bit hoarse but he seemed confident as he spoke about the possibilities of what the team may be able to do under Norv Turner’s offense.

“They were in the shot gun a lot (San Diego) they did a lot of stuff that fit the players around Phillip Rivers, and that fits my abilities so I’m excited.” The signal caller out of Oklahoma State still has not received his playbook as the NFL has rules and regulations on off season work.

Weeden has reached out to Troy Aikman and other veteran quarterbacks like Bernie Koasr on helping him make a leap in his 2nd season. When asked if he felt like he will win the quarterback job, Weeden didn’t hesitate to say “Absolutely.”