When natural disasters hit both humans and animal (wild and domestic) are effected.  The widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey has left animals of all shapes and sizes homeless.  The Houston SPCA is spearheading many of the rescue efforts in the areas most effected by flooding and the SPCA of Texas in Dallas is taking in animals from many of the areas most effected by the storm.  Monetary donations to both of these organizations would me a HUGE help.  Click the links below to help!

The Houston SPCA

SCPA of Texas in Dallas

When emergencies like Hurricane Harvey occur it is a reminder that we should all think about how to keep our furry friends safe in case of an emergency.  FEMA, the ASPCA other organizations have created a list to help you prepare your pets in case of an emergency. 

CLICK HERE to download FEMA's pet emergency preparations list.

If you prefer to help locally The Cleveland Animal Protective League expects to eventually receive some animals that have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.  Adopt or foster to make space for another animal in need. Buy them supplies from their Amazon wish list or donate!  Every little bit helps!