(Columbus)- The man who confessed in an online video to causing a deadly wrong-way crash after a night of heavy drinking has been sentenced to 6.5 years in prison.

Cordle pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide in September. 

Matthew Cordle, 22 of Powell, also pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. He will be on parole for three years after his sentence is served.

Attorneys for Cordle said he wanted to plead guilty to make good on his pledge to accept responsibility for the June 22 crash on I-670.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien sought the maximum 8 1/2 years, saying Cordle never said he was sorry.

Cordle's attorneys said he only wanted a "fair sentence." Franklin County Common Please Judge David Fais calls the sentence "appropriate".

In a video posted on YouTube and viewed more than two million times, Cordle admits he killed a man and says he "made a mistake'' when he decided to drive.

O'Brien laughed off the claim in the video by Cordle that his attorneys could probably have gotten him off without the video confession.

"We had a slam dunk case," said O'Brien. "The suggestion by him in the video that he had talked with lawyers who said he could beat the case is nonsense."

Cordle was described as combative and uncooperative in the hospital after the crash.

Judge Fais questioned Cordle extensively last month on his motives for changing the plea to guilty. Cordle answered that he understood what he was doing and the penalty he might face.

Fais then asked Cordle about the hours leading up to the crash that killed Vincent Canzani. Cordle told the judge that he had been at "bars on Park Street" that night, but didn't remember much about what happened.

"I drank so much I was blacked out, your honor," Cordle said.

He agreed with Fais' description as a night of binge drinking.

Cordle's blood alcohol level was .191 when his blood was drawn in the emergency room. He doesn't have any prior felony convictions.

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