(Lakewood) - How upset are some Browns fans with the trading of Trent Richardson?

Greg Wereb of Lakewood literally burned his Browns memorabilia Wednesday night.

Wereb had been a devoted fan of the Cleveland Browns for his entire life, and like all fans of the team suffered through countless frustrations, but with Wednesday's announcement of the Trent Richardson trade, he finally had too much.

"A few times here and there I've thrown my jersey at the tv and sworn off the team for the season, but I've never been so upset as at the decision they made today (Wednesday)."

Wereb took his last pieces of fan memorabilia that included an Eric Metcalf starting line-up figurine, a hat, and an autographed framed picture of former Browns receiver Andre Davis, put them in a fire pit, covered them with propane gas, and set it on fire.

Wereb posted the video of himself setting his memorabilia on fire on his Facebook page along with a poll. He's letting the public decide who he should root for now, The Pittsburgh Steelers or The Chicago Bears.

Wereb says he will also accept write-in votes for other teams.

As soon as the winner is chosen in a few days, he'll go out and buy fan memorabilia for his new favorite team.

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