(Mentor) - On Thursday morning around 7:00 AM, the Mentor Police Department responded to the area of Ellington Place for a complaint of a white male in a dark colored car asking several juveniles if they could help him find his dog.

The juveniles refused to help the male and he left the area.

Further investigation revealed this same type of incident occurred on Saturday, August 31st, on Bunker Cove, which is in the same development near Thursday’s incident.

On Thursday evening the male involved in the most recent incident saw the details of this story on the police department Facebook page and called the police station. He stated he was the person looking for his dog.

His dog had actually run off from home and he was driving in the neighborhood looking for it. He stopped by the juveniles and asked if they had seen his dog and then left. He didn’t speak to the adult walking in the area with the juveniles.

The police department investigated the male’s story and was able to verify the details.

But residents should be aware that this male is not related to the reported incident on August 31st.

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