It was a clip here and a clip there as more then 130 students from St. Bernadette's Parish in Westlake gathered for a special kind of haircut. The hope for this event was to not just cut off hair, but; to also; cut off cancer. The fundraiser was held to raise money to fight cancer and to make the public more aware of childhood cancer. The motivation behind this event is Michael Orbany. Michael is a fourth grader at St. Bernadette's who is fighting childhood cancer. Michael attended this event with his mother; a tearful Georgianne Orbany who expressed her emotions for the support behind Michael and others suffering from childhood cancer.The children and their families of St. Bernadette's had a special mission; they were working hard to raise fifty thousand dollars to be a part of a grant for pediatric cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic. St. Bernadette's Parish; for one day; it was a very special barber shop.


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